Scout of the Year

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Annually the Veterans of Foreign Wars recognizes four individuals: Eagle Scouts Girl Scout Cold award Recipients, Venture Silver Award Recipients and Sea Scout Quartermasters who have risen above their peers in exemplifying the exceptional qualilties of the rank with the following National Scholarship Awards: 

$5,000 - 1st Place scholarship

$3,000 - 2nd Place scholarship

$1,000 - 3rd Place scholarship

The Department of Illinois will be making an Award to the First Place Eagle Scout and the First Place Girl Scout Gold Award nominee in the following amount however, only one Scout will be advanced to the National Competition.

$300 Cash Award - Eagle Scout of the year, State of Illinois, VFW

$300 Cash Award - Girl Scout Gold Award Nominee, State of Illinois, VFW

Before submitting your Scout of the Year application, please review the rules and eligibility requirements.



 Below is the Department of Illinois Girl Scout of the Year Erin McBriarty along with Commander Don Boyer and Programs Committee Member Robert McLeod