Department Officers for the 2022-2023 Membership Year

Bobby Edwards, State Commander (Bio

Brett Nila, Sr. Vice Commander (Bio
 Maurice Bridges, State Jr. Vice Commander (Bio)

Joe Bartley, State Adjutant/Quartermaster (Bio)
Chaplain: Gary Holmes
Chief of Staff: Ryan Higginbotham
Inspector: Rob Bailey
Surgeon: Eugene Blackwell
Judge Advocate: Jayson Hoffman
National Council Member: Phil Maughan
Aide de Camp: Kyna Simpson, Bob Migalich
Advisor to the State Commander: Phil Maughan
Assistant Adjutant: Dave Stout
Assistant Quartermaster: Lee Morgan
Deputy Chief of Staff: Duane Hisel
Veterans Service Director: Derek Giffin
Officer of the Day: Jeffery Britt
Sergeant-at-Arms: Samuel Scaife Jr.
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms:  Ray Bachewicz, Roy Johnson, and Jack Lamont
Student Veterans Liasons: Georges Sanon and Jayson Hoffman
Parlimentarian: Victor Smith
Emblem and Supply: Lee Morgan

District Commanders for the 2022-2023 Year
3rd District, Chris Garza
4th District, Steve MacInnes
5th District, Kevin Cournoyer
6th District, Ruben Hernandez
7th District, Adam Yau
8th District, Art Munos
9th District, Christopher Rush
10th District, Anthony Bellin
11th District, Rick Hobbs
12th District, Dustin Dixon
13th District, Don Porter
14th District, Rod Thompson
15th District, Chris Maynor
16th District, Fred Cagle
17th District, Sean Conner
18th District, Todd Latham
19th District, Bob Zeman
Program Chairmen for the 2022-2023 Year
Safety, Les Durov
Membership, Matt Willis
POW/MIA, Clarence Caraker
Blood Donor, Chris Maynor
Community Activities, Chuck Ingle
Americanism, Sean Conner
Homeless Vets, Paul Bezazian
Hospital/VAVS, Harold Olsen Jr
 Legislative, Michael Peck
Assistant Legislative, Jay Davis, Dutch DeGroot, and Jayson Hoffman 
National Home Chairman, Michael McGrath
Assistant National Home Chairman, Paul Zinck
Veterans and Military Support, John Metzger
 All-State Program, Steve Eller
Voice of Democracy, Dave Darte
Assistant Voice of Democracy, Kyna Simpson
Youth Activities and Patriot's Pen, John Davin
Assistant Youth Activities and Patriot's Pen, Michelle Ramlow
Scouting, Ron Milton
Buddy Poppy, Stephanie Kirksey
State Fair, Larry Carter
Budget and Finance, Phil Maughan
Assistant Budget and Finance, Joe Bartley
Illinois VFW News Editor and Marketing, Barbara Wilson
VFW/MOC Coordinator: John Jakoby
Yellow Ribbon, Joshua Seed
State Photographer, Dutch DeGroot
Historian, Bobby Welch
Foundation Officers for the 2022-2023 Year
President, Dave Stout
Vice President, Rod Thompson
Secretary, Barb Wilson
Treasurer, Joe Bartley