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Mike Peck Department Legislative Chairman

Legislative report - February 2023

Many post have responded to  our urging for VAC delegates.

Responses have included Inquiries about VAC communication to post on meeting dates.

Our committees best answer is that you must have your delegates seated by March 1.

Post have asked why VACs don’t communicate with us. In many cases the VAC‘s do not know that you exist, you need to communicate with the VAC..

We urge that you look at your VAC Bylaws, and if necessary make changes so that all post receive email blast or written letters, confirming dates  and agendas.

Our agenda for 2023 Illinois general assembly remains, keeping the Senate Veterans Affairs committee, transfer 4.7 acres to Fort Sheridan national cemetery and a definition for veterans service organizations in Illinois in keeping with the congressional charters.

On the federal side, our number one agenda item in keeping with The Illinois passed resolution at the VFW National Convention to give Guard and Reserve retirees veteran status under  title 38. This would allow them to be admitted to the Illinois veterans homes. They  cannot be admitted unless the VA pays the Perdiem. We’ve asked Senator Duckworth to sponsor the bill.

We’ve also asked the senator to introduce legislation to establish a superCBOC  in Sangamon county. This is per a resolution passed by the VAC Sangamon county, to have a CBOC similar to that established in Peoria.
We have received communications from VFW National to have the President support repeal of concurrent receipt. Our committee is looking at all the VFW priority legislation, and we will urge the  Illinois congressional delegation to support this legislation. However, we need every post to contact its Congressman and urge support for the VFW legislation.

Remember, all politics is local and your federal and state representatives are looking at their veterans for input on veterans legislation. You are their experts on the needs of veterans and their families.  You need to provide them, and more importantly their staff with input. Again, we have fewer and fewer veterans involved in government and it our duty to fill the void.

Michael Peck
Chair, legislative committee

 Visit here and our legislative news page to see how you can help vital bills concerning our Veterans Community

Assistant Chairmen Department Legislative Committee

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