One of the biggest legislative issues that the IL VFW tackled this year was support for HB 5184.  This bill solidified the purpose of the Veterans Assistance Commission that every County in Illinois should have and mandated that a portion of the tax dollars collected by the County MUST go to the VAC to support their veterans assistance programs.  This bill was signed into law by the Governor of IL and became Public Law 102-0732.
For a copy of the full bill and the Public Law, click here
Every chartered VSO organization is allowed to appoint a delegate and alternate to serve on the Veterans Assistance Commission in their County.  It is imperative that every Post or District appoint their delegates and alternates for their County VAC and that those delegates and alternates attend the meetings and vote on the matters presented.  In order to keep the VAC operating under the watch of the veteran's organizations and providing the much needed support to veterans in need, we must be active participants in the VAC.

A copy of the Veterans Assistance Commission Directory can be found in the Members Only tab.  Sign in and you can view or download the VAC Directory.
If your County does not have an Active Veterans Assistance Commission, contact Mike Peck at or Dutch DeGroot at for assistance in getting a VAC started in your County.
If your County does have a VAC and you have any questions on how the VAC should operate or you have problems with how the VAC is operating, contact Mike Peck or Dutch DeGroot for answers and advice.
On November 2, 2022, Commander Edwards published a VAC Position Letter that clearly outlines the role that VFW IL plays in the County Veterans Assistance Commissions.  Our role is to monitor and track legislation that effects the VAC and their ability to support veterans in need.  We will also encourage Posts and Districts to appoint delegates and alternates to the VAC that are willing and able to serve and attend the meetings to represent the veterans in their county.  The letter also outlines things that the IL VFW will not do when it involves the daily operations of the VACs.  For view a complete copy of the letter, Click Here