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Your Immediate Action needed We Support  different Bills

The Department of Illinois VFW would like all Illinois supporters of Veterans to complete Witness slips before Thursday  27 April for 5 items.  A witness slip takes 30 seconds to complete and lets Illinois state Senators and Representatives know what we support and what we oppose.  Links to all bills downward here The 5 items are:


SR0066 Atomic Veterans Day” to honor veterans exposed to atomic bomb testing; (we support this) 

HB0925 Military Service-Tech” outlines how a Veteran Service Organization can become State Chartered and the benefit that comes from that; (we support this).

HB2500 HB2500 "Animal Adoption – Fee Waiver” specifies how and from where the adoption fee for a dog or cat can be waived for a veteran; (we support this)

HB2856 "Vital Records—Veteran Death” proposes that a veteran’s death certificate may include branch, period of service and whether a service-related injury contributed to cause of death; (we support this

HB3295 "DFPR – Military Fee Waiver” proposal to amend Professional Regulation Law provisions on expedited licensure to waive certain fees for service members or spouses; (we support this)

Witness Slip Tips:

Section II. Representation – enter "Self” 

Section III. Position – click "Proponent”

Section IV. Testimony – click "Record of Appearance Only”

When finished, click-on "Create(Slip)” on the bottom right

You will then receive an email confirmation that you submitted a witness slip

Please share this call to action; the more supporters completing witness slips the better.

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