The Veterans Foundation of Illinois Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2003, is the official charity of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Illinois.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is America’s largest and oldest combat veteran’s organization.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Illinois was chartered Dec 20, 1920.

Our mission (the solemn promise) of the Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc is to support programs and services that secure, manage, and distribute resources to improve the lives of veterans, military service personnel, their families, and communities where they live throughout Illinois.

 We are especially proud of our extremely low administrative costs.  The Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc has 0% administrative costs so we maximize every dollar donated to support and help veterans.



The Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc seeks to make veterans, military service personnel, and their families feel appreciated for their service to our country.  After all, these individuals have often personally sacrificed much for America. So we conduct a variety of fundraising activities in direct support of IL VFW programs and services.  The Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc also assists VFW Posts and the Districts in their local fundraising endeavors.


The Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc supports the many veterans programs administered by VFW Posts and Districts throughout Illinois.  Programs, such as:

  •  ·        Homeless veterans – food, clothing and support of Stand-downs which provides resources to our homeless veterans.  Homeless veterans are a major portion of our "street people” and 1 in 10 homeless veterans on the street is a woman veteran, many with children.
  • ·        Hospital/VAVS program – we have 6 VA hospitals that house veterans while they are treated and recover from sickness and 5 Veterans Homes in IL that provide living quarters to our retired veterans.  All of these facilities need assistance with essential living supplies for the veterans and to support activities for the veterans.
  • ·        National Home for Children – Established in 1925 in Eaton Rapids, MI to care for the children and families of veterans.  IL VFW sponsors 2 homes at the facility to give veterans and their families a chance to rebuild their lives.
  • ·        Veterans and Military Support – supports the Adopt A Unit program, Military Assistance Program grants, and support for veterans that are facing financial hardship through the Unmet Needs program
  • ·        Student Veterans – provide peer support for veterans transitioning back to civilian life and academia. 
  • ·        Claims and Benefits Assistance – our VFW accredited Service officers provide assistance to veterans as they file claims or appeal their claims for VA benefits, pay, and disability
  • ·        Yellow Ribbon – to promote the well being of National guard and Reserve members, their families, and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle.
  • ·        Youth Activities – Provide scholarships to High School students through the Voice of Democracy Program and Middle School students through the Patriots Pens program.  Recognize Scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout or Gold Award. Recognizing outstanding youth that are in JROTC/SROTC, Civil Air Patrol, or Navy Sea Cadets.
  • ·        Legislative – Using the voice and leveraging our membership to talk to elected officials on the local, county, state, and national levels to lobby for causes that effect veterans and their families.
  • ·        Community Programs – support community involvement, disaster relief efforts, promoting citizenship, volunteerism, and Americanism, and recognizing outstanding members of our communities that support veterans.



The Veterans Foundation of Illinois, Inc raises money through a variety of strategic ways, including:

·        Grants from corporations or foundations

·        Matching gifts programs

·        Employee giving campaigns such as CFC or United Way

·        Non-cash donations of cars, RVs, boats, etc

·        Individual contributions including major gifts

·        In-kind gifts of product donations

·        Memorial gifts

·        Donations from partners based on purchases



You can email us at or call us at 217-529-6688