VFW Illinois Legislative Immediate Action Item/s
Please Act now


If you want to truly honor D-day help pass the Pack Act in the senate call our senators offices so far Sen. Durbin has no voice mail Sen. Duckworth does leave a message to pass the Pack Act.

Senator Duckworth


Senator Durbin


Fort Sheridan National Cemetery

We need your help the situation in Lake county concerning the small 5 acre expansion of the veterans cemetery at Ft. Sheridan is urgent. Take a moment and write an e-mail (in your own words) to these lake county board members stating "I support the expansion of the Ft. Sheridan Cemetery to honor veterans.”

Background: The very affluent neighbors living near by don’t want the expansion (even though they can’t even see the cemetery from their homes)

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of your e-mail. Lake County Commissioners

Email all lake County Commissioners click here