"AMERICANISM” the unfailing love of Country, loyalty to its institutions and ideals, eagerness to defend it against all enemies, undivided allegiance to the Flag, and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and for posterity”. As American citizens and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, we know what Americanism stands for. It was, and is still, our responsibility to defend the United States in a time of peace as it is in time of war, foreign or domestic. By practicing Americanism we show our love of Country and must do so.

As veterans we should promote and participate in Americanism every day of every year. There are many things a Post, a District and an individual can do to promote Americanism. Here are just a few ideas. I am sure you can think of many more. 

• Fly the American Flag every day at your Post Home or at your private residence. 

• Present Flags to different organizations or if you see a tattered flag, donate a new one 

• Hold flag etiquette sessions with various other organizations 

• Encourage individuals to be informed by studying political issues and get out the vote. 

• Furnish Color Guards/Honor Guards for Civic Programs, athletic events and Memorial Services 

• Remember Memorial Day, Independence Day, Patriot’s Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Loyalty Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and other memorial military days from our Nation’s past.


LOYALTY DAY May 1, 2023

Loyalty Day or May Day is always May 1

A truly inspired Holiday, Loyalty Day was created by the VFW Organization in 1921.  It was through the efforts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars that in 1958 Loyalty Day was officially established by an act of Congress.

The reason we have Loyalty Day is to continually encourage loyal American to speak out. It is a Day upon which patriotic citizens should:

·       Hold Parades

·       Conduct Flag ceremonies

·       Sponsor public meetings

·       Conduct school programs

·       And other American activities

Loyalty is an intangible thing, but it causes people to forma Government, to obey its laws and rules and to willingly defend their country against its enemies



Join us as brothers and sisters of America to preserve the rights of veterans and support each other as only those who share in the camaraderie forged by conflict can.