Assistant Chaplain

Kenneth Hauser


Michael DeRoss

Chief of Staff

Gary Stork

    Deputy Chiefs of Staff

Robert Welch

Student Veterans Liaison

Jay Hoffman


George Foy

Director, Veterans Service

Derek Giffin

Editor Illinois VFW News

Barbara Wilson

Sergeant –At-Arms

Jack Lamont

    Assistant Sergeants-At-Arms

W. Roy Johnson

Daniel Merry

James Danielson


Operation Uplink Director

P.J. Hymes Jr.

Officer of the Day

Larry Shaver

Aides to the State commander

Michael Bushey


Jim Singler

Advisor to the State Commander

John Davin

Emergency Services Director

Richard Lueman

Assistant Adjutant-Quartermaster

Jeff Hastings

Assistant Adjutant

Jonathan Cooper

Assistant Quartermasters

Lee Morgan

H. George Doeden

Membership Director

J.D. Spindler

    Assistant Membership Directors

Joe Stachon, Lee Wallace, Vince Long, Kenneth Seay, Michael Breyne


Americanism and Loyalty Day Director

Thomas Davidson

Assistant Americanism and Loyalty Day Director

Wayne Moore, Mick Rolando

Blood Donor Director

Walter Sanders Jr.

Assistant Blood Donor Director

David Crouch

Community Activities Director

Charles Ingle

    Assistant community Services Directors

Dan Swaner and John Barrett

Homeless Veterans Director

Paul Bezazian

    Assistant Homeless Veterans Director

Julius C. Grantham

Hospital & VAVS Director

Harold Olsen Jr.

    Assistant Hospital & VAVS Director

Legislative Director

C. Victor Smith

    Assistant Legislative Directors

Jayson Hoffman, Anthony Avers

National Home Director

Michael McGrath

    Assistant National Home Director

John Jakoby

Veterans and Military Support Programs Director

Clarke Christiansen

    Assistant Vet and Military Support Director

John DeGroot


Rodney Thompson, Dale Roach

Poppy Director

Stephanie Kirksey

    Assistant Poppy Directors


Roger Guebert

Thomas Cleland

POW/MIA Director

Ray Backowicz

    Assistant POW/MIA Director

Safety Director

Robert Mattson

State Fair Director

Richard "Bud” Yoakum

Voice of Democracy Director

Robert McLeod

    Assistant Voice of Democracy Directors

James M. Ellis

David Darte

VFW/MOC Coordinator

John Jakoby

Youth Activities Director

John Metzger

Chair, Budget and Finance Committee

Gary Stork

Chair, Veterans Service Committee

John Davin

Co-Chairs, Convention Committee

Rick Frank, Matt Claussen

Chair, VFW News Committee

Jeff Hastings

Public Relations Director

Carl Sorensen

    Assistant PR Director

Tim Juilliett

Chair, Awards and Citations Committee

Don Boyer

Big Ten Delegates

Donald Boyer, Commander

Bradley Gould, Sr. Vice Commander

Laurie Emmer, Jr. Vice Commander

Jeffrey Hastings, Commander, Jr. Past State Commander

Michael DeRoss, Quartermaster



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