Homeless veterans are fast becoming a major portion of our "street people”. Vietnam veterans make up a lot of these street people and Desert Storm veterans are not far behind. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Illinois seeks to help identify and help these veterans with food, clothing and support such as Stand Downs, and by connecting Homeless Veterans with shelters and Vet Centers with medical and group therapy.

We need to support stand-downs that are conducted within our areas. Stand Downs might seem like short term solutions, but it shows our veterans we care. It gives them some dignity and compassion which are things they don’t get very often and are things that we take for granted. 

We have to go out in our neighborhoods to feed and clothe our veterans, and not just on holidays, but everyday. These veterans are our other MIA’s (MISSING IN AMERICA)! You know where they are in your area; a minute or two of conversation and a smile works wonders.

Contact your local V.A. Hospital, Outreach Clinic or your local Vet Center and ask what you can do. If you have any questions, call Department Headquarters at 217 529 6688.