Commander’s Special Project 

This year’s Commander’s Special Project is "Call To Action 100". 

The purpose and goal of Call To Action 100 is service and advocacy of our veterans in need. Our focus is our veteran service and community visibility, but also remembering Mental Wellness Awareness. This involves multiple programs and each one of us within the Department of Illinois. This is about helping our veterans. This project requires more than donations; this program needs our post call to action. Posts are invited to involve their respective communities how they see fit. 

Background: Many of our veterans and their families live with food insecurity or on the edge from homelessness. This year it is a goal to help prevent homelessness and to continue helping our homeless veterans in the hope of exiting homelessness. Any natural disaster or home fire can cause our veterans homelessness and need for resources. We are an organization with an abundance of resources and links to resources.  

1. Donate to Unmet Needs 

2. Call to Action:

    a. Post Challenge - All Posts to collect blankets, socks, coats, clothes for our homeless veterans.

   All call to posts to collect gas cards or grocery store cards.

   All call to posts with ability to start a food bank or assist with food banks or collect  goods for the food banks

   Volunteer with stand downs in your ares. Identify if your area needs a stand down but does not have a stand down.

   Other ideas with your communities to assist with veteran or community service.

   Promote Mental Wellness, resources for Mental Wellness and understand the 5 signs.

   District Commanders will report on what the posts in their respective Districts are accomplishing in the call to action at Council of Administrations. Encourage their posts to participate. We are a volunteer organization. Not all Posts may participate.