It's no surprise really that the family and friends of the late Tom Denman chose to continue one of his favorite projects, an Easter Egg Hunt with friends, family, and plenty of local children. It started with a simple, "Cori, (Tom's wife) I think we should do an Easter Egg hunt for Jo (daughter) in the back yard. We can get about 200 eggs and fill them with a piece of candy, it will be great. 
Year after year it grew as the party grew from the Denman back yard, to Denman and neighbors yard and their children, to a local park where this year, this year was special, because Tom passed away last summer and it was decided this should be an annual event. The 19th edition provided several thousand multi colored Easter Eggs, Easter baskets for the little ones, each with a chocolate bunny, as well as a bunny toy and plenty of other goodies. 
The crowd was estimated at several hundred, but the point was, all the kids, young and old remembered Tom and his favorite holiday.